Database Authorized

To honor the copyright of those articles published in Journal for Leagl History Studies (JLHS), the first joint meeting of Board of Directors/Supervisors of Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS) in 2015 decided to authorize the database managed by the Angle publishing Co., Ltd. to provide the electronical service for all interested parties.  For those who are interested in reading the full contents of JLHS, please refer to the following website for details:

Angle Lawdata Database:

Angle Lawdata Database is currently the most comprehensive database that collects all kinds of legal related journals.  It is managed by Angle publication Co., Ltd.  Those who have not registered as formal uses can apply for trial usage.  Please log into this website to get the trial account name and password: to decide whether to register as a formal member.  For professors and student with valid certificates, please check with your library to the account name and password to use the database based upon the rules set by the school if your schools licensed the database from Angle publishing Co., Ltd.  For questions encountered in school, please consult with the school librarians. 

Attached, please find the instructions of using Angle lawdata database.  For any possible issues, please kindly check with Angle's service staff.  Angle's service line are: +886-2-23756688 # 507/521, and its fax number is: +886-2-23318496.  Or, feel free to send your mail to the following email address to get more support:

Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS) would like give its best thanks to all authors for their support to license the copyright of their articles to CLHS.  Only with the assistance and kind heart, CLHS is able to provide the research findings in electronical format online to all interested parties.

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