Funding CLHS

Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS) is a non-profit organization, its income comes from the memeber fee, sales of Journal of Legal History Studies (JLHS), the license fee of using JLHS database, and the donations.  To maintain the operation of CLHS under the limited budget, all the supporting staff, excluding the secretary and the editor assistant, are serving at their own expense without pay and the authors will will not get any remuneration.  Therefore, to ensure CLHS can continue the publication of JLHS and other manuscripts, it is necesasry to get enough funding support from our members and other interested parties.  We would like to ask your support by funding CLHS in order to continue various academic activities of promoting the research of Chinese legal studies and hopefully to strive on with the fundation of what CLHS already achieved.

Bank Account:

The bank account of CLHS is opened under name of the current President to facilitate its internal management.  When the term of President expired, the account will be transferred under the name of the new President of CLHS.

If you are interested in making donations to us, please wire transfer the amount to the bank account as follows (in English and Chinese):

Chen, Hwei-Syin, Chinese Legal History Society (中國法制史學會陳惠馨)
Taipei Law Court Post Office 0001205-0041825 (台北法院郵局 0001205-0041825)

Please identify your full name & address in the transferring sheet in order to send you the invoice

CLHS will send you the tax deductable invoice to the appointed address when we received your donations and your names will be disclosed in the donation list at: on annually basis.  In case the donators do not want his/her names been revealed, CLHS will only disclose the surname instead of full name.  CLHS ia a non-profit organization and non-government people's organization, it registration number is: Tai Nei Tuan Zi No. 1040094072.  All activities condcuted by CLHS is aimed for academic purpose without involving any other interested parties.  Hence, all donations will only be used onto the promotion of CLHS, not any other purposes. 

Registered Number:

Chinese Legal History Society is a registered society and its registered number is: 00967847.

Donation List:

Listed below, please find the donataion list (updated on quarterly basis).  For clarity purpose, CLHS will only keep five years of the donation list at this webpage, the details can still be found in the financial report webpage at:

Donation List in details download