Legal History Related Links in Japan

Nowadays, the research information can directly be found in the websites and such source is also very valuable to the academic field.  There are quite a few academic research institutes, located in Japan, and focus on the legal history studies and the reserch scope includes the Japan's legal history, China history, and Taiwan history.  Those who are interested in knowing the details, please refer to the following websites directly for more details.

The table listed below only provides the linkage for research purpose, and CLHS is not responsible for the correctness of the contents. 

No. Name of the Institute (in Chinese/Japanese) Name of the Institute (in English) Website
1 法制史学会ホームページへようこそ Japan Legal History Association
2 法文化學會 Society for the study of Legal Culture
3 比較法學會 Japan Society of Comparative Law
4 日本法社會學學會 The Japanese Association of Sociology of Law
5 基礎法學系學會連合についてカテゴリのエントリ
6 比較家族史學會 The Society for Comparative Family History
7 民主主義科学者協会法律部会
8 公益財團法人史學 SHIGAKUKAI: The Historical Society of Japan
9 一般財団法人東方学会 The Toho Gakkai: The Institute of Eastern Culture
10 日本台灣學會 The Japan association for Taiwan Studies
11 台灣史研究會 The Association for Taiwan Studies
12 中国社会文化学会 Association for Studies of Chinese Society and Culture
13 宋代史研究會
14 東洋史研究會 The Society of Oriental Researches
15 東アジア近代史学会 Japanese Association of Modern East Asian History