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Author Name Category Period
A, Feng The Status and Rights of Women during the process of Civil Litigation in Qing Dynasty Articles No. 11
Arnd Helmut Hafner Some Remarks on the reading of several essential legal text sources Article & Replies Review No. 19
Arnd Helmut Hafner Reconsidering “shusi”(殊死) Articles No. 10
Arnd Helmut Hafner Between the Code and the Law: The Influence of Modern Legal Science on Chinese Legal History Article & Replies Review No. 5
Brian E. McKnight (Translator: Jiang Wei-Ping et al.) Some Thoughts on Law and Morality in Sung Justice Article & Replies Review No. 6
Bu, Qing-Rong Research on「Permission for Leave」 In Yuan Dynasty From Legal Perspective Article & Replies Review No. 23
CHAN Chao-Chin Founding German Political Science and the System of Basic Rights in the Modern Era: Georg Jellinek’s Life and Work (1851-1911) Articles No. 36
CHANG Ming The Guiyin Theory of Qin: A Study Based on Lüshi Chunqiu and the Admonitions to Officials of Qin Article & Replies Review No. 37
CHEN Hwei-syin The Field of Comparative Law as Seen from the Perspective of Legal Methodology Forum No. 36
CHENG Shi Reconsidering the “Person Who Formulates the Plan but Does Not Commit the Criminal Act” in the Qing Code Article & Replies Review No. 38(May be Download with full PDF)
Chan, Chao-Chin The Development of Confession in Criminal Procedure in Late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic of China: Focus on Norms and Thoeries Articles No. 27
Chan, Chin-Hui Qin and Han Dynasties Unearthed Legal Documents “shù rén” Articles No. 30
Chan, Chun-Keung To seek for no wrong: Probe into the execution of capital punishment in Tang Dynasty based on the “Tiansheng Prison Officer Statutes” Special Edition No.16
Chan, Chun-Keung Discussion on Two Kinds Of “Innocence” in the Tang Code Special Edition No. 19
Chan, Chun-Keung A study on Liuxi/ Banishment in the Northern Dynasties (439A.D.-589A.D.) Articles No. 10
Chan, Chun-Keung 述論唐代大赦的內容和效力 Articles No. 2
Chan, Chun-keung Discussion on the‘Time’ in the Tang Code Articles No. 32
Chan, Chun-keung;Kao, Tzu Hsuan Are The Ten Abominations Redeemable Article & Replies Review No. 31
Chang, Fei-Yi On the Interaction of Mongol and Chinese Cultures and the Mongol Society from the Perspective of Legal Sources—Comments on Recent Studies of the Ideological Promotion of Women Chastity Article & Replies Review No. 7
Chang, Mao-Lin A Mistaken Reception of the Parliamentary System ─ A Re-examination of the 1912 Legislation of the Provisional Constitution of the ROC Articles No. 9
Chang, Ming The Abscondence Cases of Qin and Han Dynasty Collected in Zou Yan Shu Articles No. 21
Chang, Ming The Property Crime Cases of Qin and Han Dynasty Collected in Zou Yan Shu Article & Replies Review No. 23
Chang, We-Jen New Shoots from an Old Tree Article & Replies Review No. 18
Chang, We-Jen Images and Symbols of Justice in China and the West Article & Replies Review No. 20
Chang, We-Jen Some Problems about Learning Law Article & Replies Review No. 10
Chang, Wen Chang 九十一年度國內歷史學界法制史相關學術活動介紹 Latest Status No.3
Chang, Wen Chang 「唐律名例律學術研討會」紀要 Latest Status No. 2
Chang, Wen Chang 「唐律研讀會」的耕耘與收穫 Latest Status No. 1
Chang, Wen-Chang A Review of Chan Chun-Keung’s “Huang En Hao Dang: Another Aspect of Chinese Imperial Ruling” Book Review No. 12
Chang, Yi-Hsiang Regulations on Selling with Recourse under Qing Law and the Practice of Selling with Recourse in Qing Society Articles No. 8