Directors/Staff of CLHS

Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS) has been founded for forty-four years.  With the dedication and hard-working of all directors/supervisor of each term, CLHS is able to present you some solid results which reflect the Chinese old saying: "Predecessors trees and descendants cool".  In particular, we need to give most of the credits to Dr. Dai, Yanhui who served for seven terms as the President.  Among all, one of the most prominent achievements is to publish the Journal of Chinese Legal Studies along with Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.  Let us give our thanks to all those who put effort put onto CLHS and honor them by listing their names and associated titles at here.  Their footprints make to the CLHS will be long lasting memorable.

The English translation is all in Pinyin if habitual usage can't be confirmed.


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