Directors' Webpages

The President and Board of Directors/Supervisors of Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS) are all seasoned researchers or practitioners in the legal history field with solid contributions to CLHS.  Most of them are professors in esteemed universities in Taiwan.  Let us present you their personal webpages along with those who once served in CLHS but now retired as down below.  Those who want to know more about CLHS' President or Board of Director/Supervisors and their publications, please refer to their webpages directly.

Among all, Prof. Dai, Yanhui was the founding member of CLHS and served his Presidency consecutively for seven terms.  With profound legal expertise, Prof. Dai once entitled as the Chair of Judicial Yuan, Grand Justice, and was the chief editor of Dan-Xin Archives.  As indicated in the President's Praise Order: "Professor Dai has deep knowledge of Six Codes and has excess familiarity with tradition Chinese legal systems.  He knows the details of the Chinese legal and stands out himself as the role model in the traditional Chinese legal history."  We cherished those legacies given by Professor Dai and wants to deliver our greatest thankfulness to him.  His son, Prof. Tai, Tong-Schung, also served as CLHS' director for quite a few years and helped to promote the legal history studies with full heart.

Dr. Chan, Chun-Keung
Dr. Kao, Ming-Shih
Dr. Huang, Yuan-Sheng
Dr. Chen, Hwei-Syin
Dr. Chen, Den-Wu
Prof. Chiu, Peng-shan
Dr. Guei, Chi-Shun
Dr. Lee, Yu-Hsi
Dr. Liu, Hsin Chun
Dr. Liang, Hung-Meng
Dr. Liu, Hsin-ning
Dr. Li, Rujun
Dr. Huang, Qintang