Guide for Authors

For those who are interesting in submitting your articles to JLHS, please kindly refer to the following directions/requirements in order to minimize the reviewing efforts:

1.   JLHS was first published in 2000 in annual basis.  Starting from 2004, JLHS became a biannually journal issued in June and December.  JLHS is a open area and researchers, domestic or abroad, are most welcomed to publish their research findings in JLHS.  The accepted papers will be published sequentially based upon the acceptance date.

2.   JLHS is open to articles, articles & replies review, prominent legal figure, and book reviews focused on legal history studies.

3.   Manuscripts in Chinese or in English are both welcomed.  If the manuscript is written in Chinese, Traditional Chinese is preferred and the author(s) need to look after the transaction of traditional and simplified Chinese carefully .  Manuscripts in English need to attach a Chinese abstract.   If the manuscript is a translation, authors need to submit the original text or inform the original source along with the interpretation, notations, textual criticisms or analysis.  JLHS only takes the articles not yet published and please do not submit articles already published.  In case the submitted article was once published in other format or language, please notify JLHS and attach the original work.  All manuscripts once published in JLHS, the non-exclusive authorization of the digitalized publication right will be treated as transferring to Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS).

4.   The manuscript needs to follow the "Writing Style"  ( and indicates the title in Chinese and English.  Besides, authors need to attach an abstract around 500 words and five keywords (both Chinese & English).  At the end of the manuscript, please attach the bibliographical reference.  The manuscript needs to have simplified table of contents and proper annotations at end of each page.

5.   The manuscript needs to be typed and read from left to right or in written format by using square paper with 600 words per page.  The length for Chinese Article or Articles & Replies Review need to be within 20,000 words around。Article in other language, the length is expected from 15 to 30 single lined pages.  Other manuscripts in Chinese should constrain the length within 10,000 words and 15 pages for other languages.

6.   All submitted manuscripts will be firstly reviewed by the Board of Editors to ensure the contents meet the scope of JLHS and then reviewed by two reviewers with field expertise.  The Board of Editors will make the acceptance or rejection decision after examining the reviewers' comments.  JLHS adopts the double-blind reviewing mechanism, authors and reviewers won't recognize each other and JLHS will let the author/s know the final decision when it is made.  Manuscripts not accepted by the JLHS will not be returned to the author/s, author/s need to keep a copy on their own.

7.   JLHS will not be responsible for the contents of copyright issue in the submitted manuscripts such as chart, table, and citation... etc.  Author/s need to obtain the copyright or authorization in advance before submitting their manuscripts to JLHS.

8.   JLHS is an academic publication, no fee will be paid to the author/s.  Once the manuscript is published, author/s will be granted one copy of the current journal and 15 offprints.

9.   To facilitate the electronical processing, please send your manuscripts in Microsoft Word format (2007 or later version) or other text format.  Please try not to use unique fonts or complicated page-layout editing tools.  Also, if necessary, please identify the name of the application used and its version.

10.  Please send us your real name (not pseudonym), highest educational background, unit of service, corresponding address, telephone, fax, email ...etc.

11.  Please find us by sending message to: 10699 Taipei Gongguan Post Office Box 52 or at email:


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