Taiwan Area

The purpose of publishing "Journal of Legal History Studies (JLHS)" is to promote the study of legal history and to enhance the research level of conducting legal history studies.  The JLHS has successfully gained its reputation due to the high standard of article selection and the promoting of academic freedom.  As agreed by the joint Board of Directors & Supervisors, JLHS decided to work with Institute of History and Philology, Academic Sincia and issued two volumes per year since 2004.  In order to provide the speedy services, Chinese Legal History Society and Institute of History and Philology, Academic Sincia will no longer process the order but ask the distributors to render the support.  Please kindly take note of this changes and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The suggested retail price for each volume of JLHS is NT600.  If you are interested in buying our publication, please refer to the following distributors for more support:

The Angle Press Co., Ltd. 5F, No. 18, Kuan-Chien Rd., Taipei Taiwan.  Tel: +886-2-2375-6688.  Website: http://www.angle.com.tw/
The Lexis BooK Co., Ltd.  F10-1, No 138, Jing-San South Rd., Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +886-2-2321-9033
San Min Book Co., Ltd.  No. 386 Fu-Sing North Rd., Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +886-2-2500-6600  Website:  http://www.m.sanmin.com.tw/home/index/

If you have any questions during the buying process, please feel free to contact Chinese Legal History Society at: assn.legalhistory@gmail.com