CLHS Membership

Application for CLHS:

Those who have interest in joining Chinese Legal History Society (CLHS), please download the application form attached in this page by clicking the download icon.  After downloading the form, please fill in the needed information and get at least one current member's referral.   Send in the application form to the following email address: or directly mail it to Chinese Legal History Society, Secretary Office 23799 Taipei University Post Office Box 4.  You will become a CLHS member if the requirements are met.  The information listed in the application form will be treated confidentially and protected by the Personal Information Protection Act.  It is our duty to manage all the personal information in good hand and won't use them for any other non-related purpose.

Member's Qualification:

According to the Article 5 item 2 of CLHS' Charter, applicant who wants to join CLHS need to have at least one member's referral and approved by the Board of Directors.  

Memebership Fee:

Those who joined CLHS need to pay the membership fee based upon Article 18 of the Charter as follows: NT2,000 for Common member; NT1,000 for Student Member.

Please wire transfer your membership fee (newly joined or renew ones) to the following bank account (in Chinese): 
中國法制史學會  陳惠馨
台北法院郵局 0001205-0041825

Chen, Hwei-Syin, Chinese Legal History Society  
Taipei Court of Law Post Office 0001205-0041825

Please identify yourself with full name while transferring the fee to validate your membership.

According to the CLHS' charter, the membership renews from April 1 for each year.

Add in CLHS LINE Group:

In order to facilitate the communication and information sharing, please scan the icon down below to add into the CLHS LINE group:

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