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Title Date
The Seminar of "The Trend of Teaching and Researching of Legal History" 2019-12-07
Professor Suzuki Hidemitsu’s lecture at Chengchi University 2019-12-06
The 3rd CLHS Board Meeting in 2019 2019-12-06
Congratulations on Wu, Jingjie for Receiving His Doctoral Degree 2019-06-28
Dr. You, Yi Fei joins Chinese Legal History Society 2019-04-28
Chinese Legal History Society Held the 2nd Director/Supervisor Joint Meeting in 2019 2019-04-28
The Newly Elected President and Managing Supervisor of CLHS 2019-03-19
Presentation Files by Prof. Liang, Hung-Meng and Prof. Chiu, Peng-sheng in CLHS' Annual Meeting 2019-03-18
Remarks from President of CLHS Prof. Chen, Hwei-Syin 2019-03-16
Annual Meeting of Chinese Legal History Society in 2019 2019-03-16
2018 Annual Meeting and Election the new CLHS Directors and Supervisors 2019-03-11
Add into CLHS LINEGroup 2019-03-07
Chinese Legal History Society Wishes All the Best for Everyone 2019-02-11
The Election of Directors and Supervisors for 22nd term of CLHS 2019-01-01
The second Director/Supervisor meeting in 2018 of CLHS completed successfully 2018-12-30