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An Era of Exile: The Qing Dynasty and Punishment 2022-06-07
CLHS Annual Meeting and Academic Seminar Agenda 2022-03-03
The Legal Activity in Global Legal History 2021-11-28
The Management and Commercial Order of the Robbery Cases in Chongqing's Hotel during Qing Dynasty 2021-11-22
Papereality and Textual Power: The Influence of Legal Advisors and Local Case Reports on the Qing Judicial System 2021-10-13
A Dialogue between the Sociology of Law and the History of Modern Banking Law in Taiwan 2021-03-14
Annual Meeting of Chinese Legal History Society in 2021 2021-03-09
The Seminar of "The Research and Narrative of Legal History Under the Comparative Vision" successfully completed 2021-01-17
CLHS Academic Seminar Can Also Attend via Internet 2021-01-13
CLHS Academic Seminar Agenda 2020-12-14
CLHS Annual Meeting and Academic Seminar Agenda 2020-06-30
Best Wishes for Dragon Boat Festival Holidays from CLHS 2020-06-24
Happy Mother’s Day from Chinese Legal History Society 2020-05-09
CLHS’s director/supervisor joint meeting on March 21, 2020 2020-04-13
The Anthology of Prof. Kao, Ming-Shih for His Eightieth Birthday 2020-04-12