CLHS Organization

Based upon the Charter of CLHS, the Board of Directors is the execution agent with eleven directors elected by the Members' Meeting.  The board of directors need to go through the mutual election process to find the President.  The President will take charge of the internal operations and represent CLHS while dealing with the outsiders.  The Board of Supervisors, the CLHS's supervision agent, is consisted of three supervisors elected by the Members' Meeting with one Managing Supervisor.  

The directors of 22nd term are: Lee, Yu-Hsi; Li, Rujun; Lee, Wangen; Chiu, Peng-sheng; Chan, Chun-Keung; Chen, Den-Wu; Huang, Yuan-Sheng; Huang, Qintang; Liu, Xinning; Liu, Hsin Chun; Ouyang, Zheng.  Upon mutual election, Prof. Chen, Den-Wu is named the President of CLHS and the supervisors are: Chiang, Chun-Hsiao; Tseng, Meifang; Chen, Hwei-Syin with Prof. Chiang as the Managing Supervisor.  In addition, Chief Secretary Prof. Huang, Qintang and Financial controller Huang, Wei Lung are nominated by the President with the consent from the Board of Directors.  The Editor in Chief of Journal for Legal History Studies will be performed by Prof. HChiu, Peng-sheng.  As Prof. Huang, Qintang was nominated by the President as the Secretary General, the director position will be replaced by Prof. Liang, Hung-Meng.  Overall, the organization chart of Chinese Legal History Society goes like this:





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