Editorial Board

To ensure the depth and width of the Journal for Legal History Studies (JLHS) and to maintain the published articles can meet the highest international standards.  Chinese Legal History Society  (CLHS) invites professors seasoned in the field of legal history with well-known reputation.  All submitted papers will be reviewed in double-blind mechanism.  Starting from volume 27, the editorial board of JLHS was further strenghened with the join of Prof. Chiu, Peng-sheng who now serves in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  Furthermore, joint meeting of Board of Directors/Supervisors, held on Oct. 24, 2015, decided to invite Prof. Zhao, Xiaogeng of Renmin University of China Law School as the advisor of JLHS.  Later, after serving as Chief Editor of JLHS for years, Prof. Huang, Yuan-Sheng resigned and Prof. Kao, Ming-Shih succeeded to take over the heavy responsibility along with the support from Prof. Chen, Den-Wu and Prof. Chan, Chun-Keung.  Later, as time evolves, Prof. Chen, Den-Wu took the role as Chief editor from vol. 32 to 34.  The current editorial board of JLHS (from vol. 35) is consisted of the following members:

Editor in Chief

Chiu, Pen-Sheng (邱澎生) 

Executive Editor

Liu, Xinning (劉欣寧)

Lee, Yu-Hsi (李玉璽)

Editorial Members

Kao, Ming-Shih (高明士)              Honorary Professor of National Taiwan University, Department of History

Huang, Yuan-Sheng (黃源盛      Professor of Fu-Jen University and Adjunct Researcher at Academia Sinica

Chan, Chun-Keung (陳俊強)         Professor of National Taipei University, Department of History

Chen, Kuo-Tung (陳國棟)              Research Fellow of Academia Sinica

Chen, Hsi-Yuan (陳熙遠            Research Fellow and Director of Academia Sincia and IHP Archives

Chen, Hwei-Syin (陳惠馨)             Retired Professor of National Chengchi University

Liu, Hsin-ning  (劉欣寧)               Associate Research Fellow of Academia Sinica
Chiu, Pen-Sheng (邱澎生)             Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dept. of History

Ouyang, Zheng (歐陽正)               Associate Professor of National Open University, Dept. of Social Science

Lee, Yu-Hsi (李玉璽)                      Professor of National Formosa University, Center for General Education                                   Lee, Chang-yuan(李長遠)             Assistant Research Fellow of Academia Sinica

Editorial Advisor

William P. Alford                           Harvard Law School, Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law

てらだ ひろあき (寺田浩明)             Professor of The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Law and Politics

Zhu Yong  (朱勇)                           Professor of China University of Political Science and Law

Zhao, Xiaogeng  (趙曉耕)               Professor of Renmin University of China Law School

Editor in Chief of JLHS

The accumulated achievement of JLHS is based upon the contribution of the Editor in Chief of each term.  The process of requesting for manuscripts, manuscripts initial reviewing, selection of reviewers, and the reply of the final decision all required the efforts and cross communication from the Editor in Chief.   The names of Editor in Chief of JLHS are listed below to show our greatest respect for their contributions.


1st Term   (vol. 01~14):            Professor Huang, Yuan-Sheng

2nd Term (vol. 15~18):             Professor Kao, Ming-Shih

3rd Term  (vol. 19~28):             Professor Huang, Yuan-Shen

4th Term   (vol. 29~31):            Professor Kao, Ming-Shih
5th Term   (vol. 32~34):            Prof. Chen, Den-Wu
6th Term   (vol. 35      ):             Prof. Chiu, Peng-Sheng

Executive Editor of JLHS

1st Term   (vol. 01~14):            Not available

2nd Term (vol. 15~27):             Professor Chen, Den-Wu

3rd Term   (vol. 29~    ):           Professor Kao, Ming-Shih

4th Term  (vol. 28):                   Not available

5th Term (vol. 29~30):              Prof. Chen, Den-Wu & Prof. Chan, Chun-Keung

6th Term (vol. 31~34):              Prof. Chan, Chun-Keung
7th Term (vol. 35
~      ):             Prof. Liu, Xinning & Prof. Lee, Yu-Hsi


Editor Assistant:

Except for the Editor in Chief and the Executive Editor, the editor assistants of JLHS also play an important role in making the journal available to the market.  These assistants help the CLHS deal with various administration procedures in details particularly the correspondence with authors for manuscripts revisions.  The names of editor assistants of JLHS are listed down below to show our special thanks for their hard working and dedication.


Vol. 01~14:             Not available

Vol. 05~06:             Lin, Yunrou

Vol. 07~09:             Jiang, Cunxiao

Vol. 10~10:             Chang, Ming

Vol. 12        :            Xu, Ciyou; Liu, Lansong

Vol. 13~17:             Wu, Liguan

Vol. 18~22:             Chen, Yi Ru

Vol. 23~24:             Lin, Jia Jun

Vol. 25       :            Zhang, Xiuqing

Vol. 26       :            Wang, Xinjie

Vol. 27~28:             Tang, Hsiang Chuan

Vol. 29~30:             Lee, Lizhen

Vol. 31~32 :            Liu, Fan-Ting

Vol.33 ~36 :              Du, Yi-Zhen